Plastic card printing – by using modern and quality plastic card printers, you can print your cards in color on blank or free plastic cards which is just like the size of a standard credit card. These plastic card printing are considered as one of the most durable and reliable materials that you can use for your business card templates. The resulting card will look glossy and very attractive. However, plastic card printing will cost you extra, so be sure you have enough budgets for this print job. When done effectively, a plastic card will surely create bang in the market.

Regardless of what your work or profession, these cards must always stand out against your competition. You can achieve this through great plastic card printing and design. But how will you do that? By placing your images or graphics and text prudently. 

Any business must be cost effective. Everyone wants to save money. It does not matter if you are a student or a small business owner. Make your own cards and you will get better through trial and error. In the end you will reap the rewards. It is not as hard as you might think to make your own plastic card printing. You can purchase a card printer and connect it to your computer just like a paper printer. Of course you will need a card ribbon instead of a paper ribbon to ensure absolute quality. Badge software and the correct attachments to wear or carry the badge are other items you may need to have a successful badge printing setup.

If you have an eye for detail and actually feel more comfortable when you have your fingers on the controls, then making your own plastic cards is the way to go. You will get that control and save a bundle of money as well.

Plastic card printing is an industry that is very highly in demand no matter where you go. People everywhere in the world need plastic cards, whether they are membership cards for various services, library cards so they can check out books, CDs and DVDs, credit cards and for various additional uses. Plastic cards are often requested at many places and establishments when you want to purchase products and even if you want to enter a building. This proves the importance of printed plastic cards.

You no doubt find that to belong to certain clubs or other places, you need membership cards to get in. A good example is if you are a member of a gym or swim club, or even if you want to shop at a large store that offers goods at great prices at the bulk. These plastic cards printing make for a far more professional image, not only for the individual but for the entire company itself. You will find that you will acquire a far great amount of business when you hand a plastic business card to a potential client or customer. 

Plastic card printing is our specialty, incorporating loyalty cards and membership cards. We also provide a full service above and beyond plastic card printing; this includes security printing, in-house mail fulfillment services as well as offering a range of hardware for your plastic cards requirements.

Plastic cards impact on our lives almost daily and can be used to build customer loyalty, grow membership, cultivate frequent flyers and frequent buyers points. Plastic cards printing can serve as sales rewards and incentive for your customer base. We utilize the latest in digital printing technology in our plastic card printing, offers exciting, fully personalized direct marketing solutions for all your plastic cards and loyalty cards needs.

Regardless of your profession, the business card must also stand out from the crowd. You can achieve that through custom business card printing design. These cards can distinguish your business form your competitors. There are two types of card stocks on which plastic business card design can be printed- transparent or translucent and solid. There is a slight difference between transparent and solid plastic cards.

These type of cards used for many different companies and organizations and it offers a great deal of functionality and security. Smart cards provide security, convenience, and portability. For example, ATM cards are an excellent example of a smart card. There are many different plastic cards printing solutions available. That means your organization should consider what it is they want to do, and how they would like to do it. Only then they can make the right choice.

It's for an employee or a customer; card printers make short work of creating any type of card, from a plastic credit card to a plastic security card. Because the cards are issued on site, the employee or customer doesn't have to wait for their cards.

It is not as hard as you might think to make your own plastic cards. You can purchase a card printer and connect it to your computer just like a paper printer. Digitally printed plastic cards printing begin with a clear and plain card that can be printed with any mixture of design, text, graphics, digital photograph, logos, bar codes and others.


The digital revolution has caused an increase in plastic cards printing and reduction of paper cards. Plastic cards can not only print human readable information and photos or images, but can also carry countless other types of invisible, machine readable information.

Visible security elements

For most purposes such as schools, clubs, recreational facilities and more, visible security elements such as the ones described below are more than sufficient. They can include the following:

1. Background color of the card. Besides branding, background color of the card can be very effective in signifying the access level for the photo ID card bearer. With a quick glance at the card, security personnel can verify the bearer access to a particular room or building.

2. Photo and ghost photo. These are clearly highly functional features of the card. Ghost photo or shadow photo is a reduced-size, reduced-contrast, and reduced brightness copy of the photo which makes the card difficult to copy accurately.

3. 1D or 2D bar codes and signature. These are easily added to the card, are clearly visible and can be read by naked eye or by an optical reader.

4. Hologram. Another feature that is impossible to copy using a standard color copier. Hologram will show a 3D image and will show a different perspective when looked at from an angle. Or, the image will shift left and right when the card is tilted. Or, the color of the image will shift when the card is tilted. This feature is highly effective in preventing forgery when customized. It can either be implemented in the plastic card or in the lamination of the card.

5. Small print. Small print, less than 0.5 mm in height, can be added in random places on the card. It is possible to read the print with a naked eye but very difficult to copy accurately using regular photo copier and scanners. It could blur from text into a line upon copying.

6. Metallic card surface. The surface of the plastic card can be made in metallic color finish which reflects a diffuse light. This, again, is difficult to impossible to copy with a standard color copier.

Plastic card printing provides more printing and security options than ever. The printers are also becoming reasonable in price and even a small business can find room in their budget to house a plastic card printer in house for their card printing needs. More intense than a regular desktop printer found in an office, the printers seem complex and difficult to operate. The printers on the market today are plug and play. Easy to operate, the installation and system management instructions are understandable and easy to implement. The printers print full color or single color cards.

When you are in charge of designing and printing credit or debit cards, or loyalty and membership cards for your customers or members, you always want to stay abreast of the dangers of counterfeiting your identity cards.